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When Bunion Surgery Goes Wrong

What are the causes of failed bunion surgeries? A hallux valgus, more commonly known as a bunion, is a bump that forms near the base of your big toe.  Bunions can occur when the big toe pushes against the toe next in line, causing the joint of the big toe to become larger and protrude. […]

  • Posted on: Nov 25 2018
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Six Most Common Surgical Errors

Surgical errors are some of the most common medical mistakes that lead to medical malpractice lawsuits. Even though any surgical error could give rise to a medical malpractice claim, some surgical errors appear to be more common than other medical mistakes. Our New York medical malpractice attorneys handle cases involving all types of surgical errors, […]

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2018
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Considerations Before Filing a Medical Malpractice Case

Do I have a viable medical malpractice action in New York? It is now believed that over 250,000 people die per year due to medical negligence, according to John Hopkins patient safety experts.  Medical negligence may in fact be the third leading cause of death, behind heart disease and cancer. Aside from patient deaths, many […]

  • Posted on: Nov 1 2018
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