xray image of feetSome patients require surgery to correct a serious and disabling problem, or unrelenting pain. Other patients do not have a serious problem and surgery is purely optional. You should never be talked into surgery. Many working patients find themselves walking into a podiatrist’s office during lunch time and are advised to have all sorts of surgery on conditions which they did not know they had or which cause no discomfort or pain. Most patients in this position are woman between the ages of 25 and 65. Some are told that in order not to miss work, they can have surgery broken into “small” surgeries and some patients wind up having 30 or more surgeries to their feet. This may turn out to be the completely wrong way to surgically deal with a specific foot problem. You should never agree to this kind of surgery without speaking to other podiatrists.

medical insurance claim form Just because you think you have had too many surgeries does not mean malpractice was committed. But, if you have gone through many foot surgeries, especially for the exact same problem, you may have been the victim of podiatric malpractice. The best way to find out is to have your attorney obtain all of your podiatric records and x-rays and consult with an expert podiatrist.