Holding Dentists Accountable for Bad Dental Crowns

xray of a bad dental crownBefore dental crowns or bridge work is done, it is critical that the dentist carefully examines the mouth and jaw to ensure it is ready. Any existing problems should be given proper time to heal, and if new conditions are found, they should be carefully treated before more dental work is done.

Unfortunately, that is not always what happens. Many dentists are in a rush to perform operations so they can get paid. The results can be serious when rushing dentists overlook or cover up tooth or gum problems.

If you were injured because a dentist put in bad dental crowns or bridgework, I can help. I am Lance Ehrenberg, Esq., and I have more than 30 years of experience representing individuals in dental malpractice throughout New York City.

Bad Tooth Crown Problems

When a set of bridges is put in and falls out, not only is it uncomfortable, it can harm your gums. The bridges may have been masking underlying decay, or they could have been put in before your mouth was ready. Either way, your dental condition is rapidly deteriorating and may have resulted in the loss of several teeth.

Conditions that are overlooked in the roots, bones, or gums can all get tremendously worse if they are not adequately dealt with or remedied. Bone grafting or implants may be necessary, which is a multi-year process. Had the dental work been carefully examined, the additional pain, time, and expenses could be avoided.

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