Recovering From Bad or Unnecessary Dental Surgery

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Like any surgery, oral surgery is complicated. When it is done correctly, patients benefit from improved dental and aesthetic conditions. When it is performed incorrectly, patients may suffer from conditions much worse than those they were aiming to fix.

If you suffered because a dentist or surgeon did a sub-satisfactory job during surgery, or because they rushed into surgery, an experienced New York oral surgery malpractice attorney can help. I am Lance Ehrenberg, Esq., and I have more than 30 years of experience representing individuals in dental practice matters.

Manhattan Oral Surgeon Mistake

During oral surgery, the narrow steel screw that goes into the bone must be inserted perfectly. The screw is attached to the crown or bridge and is typically part of a multi-tooth implant. Because it is attached to so many places in the jaw, it will affect nearly everything the mouth does. If the implant is inserted incorrectly, the failure would also affect most of the jaw.

The precision that is required to insert the screw properly means the dentist or surgeon must spend time studying the patient’s mouth and understanding exactly how they must perform during surgery.

Unfortunately, many surgeons rush into the operating room and fail to spend the necessary time understanding their patients’ mouths. Inserting bad crowns or bridges, causing nerve damage during an extraction or overlooking gum disease can all lead to unsuccessful surgery.

In some cases, by the time the surgeon’s mistake is realized, there may not be enough bone or gum left for bone grafting. To correct the dental work, implants may be necessary. However, because of the amount of existing dental problems, dental implant complications are likely. In some cases, improper implant work can mean that you can never have implants in the future.

If you suffered from a surgeon’s poor or unnecessary surgery, an experienced New York City mouth restoration lawyer can help you hold the dentist or surgeon accountable. Contact me online or call 212-730-0200 to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about the options available in your situation.

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