Manhattan Dentist Mistakes

Root Canal Malpractice Lawyer Manhattan | New York City | NYCAlthough root canals are one of the most common dental procedures, there are numerous things that can go wrong. An experienced dentist or a dentist who fails to do the pre-surgery preparations can cause lasting damage or necessitate additional dental work. Improper root canals can result in loss of several teeth.

If you suffered from a failed root canal in New York, I can help you hold the negligent dentist accountable for their mistakes. I am Lance Ehrenberg, Esq., and I have more than 30 years of experience representing individuals in dental malpractice matters. If you suffered from the following doctor’s mistakes, I can help you receive the compensation you deserve:

  • Inadequate fills
  • Drilling at an improper angle
  • Drilling too far or drilling through the apex of the root
  • Failure to put in a proper sized crown

Dangers of Poorly-Sized Crowns

Crowns come in numerous formats, but one of the most important elements of a crown is how well it fits the tooth. If it is too small for the adjoining tooth, it leaves a food entrapment space. Food entrapment can cause decay quickly, often causing problems down to the root. This can result in the loss of teeth.

When a crown is too large, the gums can become irritated and break down. In that scenario, another dentist visit is required to remove the crown and redo all the dental work that has already been done.

This expensive procedure is lengthy and can usually be avoided if the dental work was done correctly the first time. If that is the procedure you are facing, it is important to work with an experienced dental malpractice attorney who can help you receive the compensation you need for the additional pain and expenses.

With more than 30 years of experience in dental malpractice matters, I know how to build a strong case and help my clients receive the compensation they deserve. Learn more about the legal remedies that may be available in your situation by scheduling your free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. I can be reached online or by calling by New York City office at 212-730-0200.

Is Dentist Responsible For Failed Root Canal?

Unfortunately, I cannot definitively answer whether a dentist is responsible for a failed root canal without more information. Determining fault in medical malpractice cases, including dental malpractice, requires a thorough review of the specific circumstances and expert medical opinion. If you have concerns about a failed root canal, I highly recommend contacting a qualified malpractice attorney to discuss your situation and explore potential options. Remember, seeking legal advice is crucial for navigating these complex matters.