Errors to Be Aware of in Dental Implant Procedures

The innovation of dental implants has provided a positive life change for a great many patients. Unfortunately, however, dental errors before, during or after the process of dental implantation can result in ongoing physical, emotional, and financial problems for some recipients. At Lance Ehrenberg, Esq. in Manhattan, our lead dental malpractice attorney knows all too well how overwhelming such problems can be.

If you have been harmed by an error related to your dental implant procedure, you may well have a viable case of dental malpractice and qualify for substantial damages. If you live in New York, contact Lance Ehrenberg for a free consultation to find out whether one or more mistakes made by your periodontist or oral surgeon reach the level of dental malpractice.

If so, Lance has legal skills refined by decades of litigation experience in this particular field. He will file a dental malpractice lawsuit on  your behalf and  fight vigorously to bring you the compensation you deserve to cover your losses and reimburse you for the pain and anguish you have endured.

Did Your Dentist Prepare You Properly for Dental Implants?

Did your dentist inform you of other simpler, less expensive options, such as saving your own teeth, using a partial denture, or providing a single tooth replacement? Did your dentist take a full medical history to make sure the procedure would be safe in spite of any pre-existing conditions you have (e.g. uncontrolled diabetes or gum disease, smoking, alcoholism, cancer, immunosuppression, teeth grinding)?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you may be a victim of malpractice since your dentist neglected to get your informed consent for the dental implantation procedure.

Dental Errors Made During Implantation Procedures

There are a number of mistakes your dentist may have made during the dental implantation procedure. Lance will assess whether your dentist made one, resulting in harm that could have been prevented if your dentist’s conduct had followed acceptable standards of professional care, including:

  • Implantation at the wrong angle

Dental implants must be installed straight into your jaw in order to receive adequate jawbone support. If your dentist did not make sure that the implants are straight, that error may lead to implant failure.

  • Implants not surrounded by adequate bone

Unless your dental implants are set firmly into your jaw so that they can integrate adequately into your jaw bone, your bone will recede, causing the implant to loosen.

  • Implants improperly spaced

Dental experts agree that dental implants should be spaced 1.5 to 2 mm from one another. If placed too closely, bone loss and gum recession may occur. If placed too far apart [1] the crown won’t fit [2] chewing will be negatively affected and [3] food can become impacted in the space between the implanted teeth.

  • Implant breakage

Implant breakage — whether it occurs due to excess pressure, abutment breakage, or a broken surgical screw as a result of poor placement — is considered an implant failure for which our strong dental malpractice attorney can hold your dentist accountable.

  • Nerve damage

When dental implants are placed too close to nerves, long-term jaw pain and permanent nerve damage can occur. If your dentist failed to take high-quality X-rays of your jaw before placing the implant to ensure adequate distance from nerves, this, too, is considered a failed implant.

If, even after reasonable recovery time has elapsed, you are experiencing ongoing pain and/or bleeding around your implants, this is a sign that something is amiss. If your dentist does not follow up, explain what is happening and why, and work to resolve your issue, you may have a winnable dental implant malpractice case.

Contact Our Experienced Dental Implant Malpractice Attorney Today

If you are suffering due to errors made by your dentist before, during, or after your dental implantation procedure, contact Lance Ehrenberg now. He will fight aggressively to recover the damages you are entitled to for medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering.

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