Medical Malpractice in the VA System

Why are there high rates of medical malpractice in VA hospitals?

Our veterans put their own lives on the line to protect the safety of the American public. When veterans return from duty, they deserve to receive a lifetime of quality medical care. Sadly, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been plagued by instances of medical malpractice and poor healthcare. Now, a new report raises questions as to the hiring practices of the VA. Our New York medical malpractice attorneys discuss some alarming instances of malpractice and negative other incidents in the VA system below.

The Government Accountability Office Releases Concerning Findings

An analysis from the Government Accountability Office should have you concerned about the health of our veterans. The report found that the VA knowingly hired a physician with a record of dozens of medical malpractice claims, including one involving the death of a patient. Additionally, several VA facilities routinely ignored patient complaints. Even further, the VA was found to ignore fireable conduct by doctors and staff.

A well-known news entity found that a VA Hospital in Iowa recruited a surgeon, even though his license had been revoked. One patient died shortly after he performed brain surgery, and another sustained long lasting injuries following spinal surgery. Federal law sets out minimum standards for hiring a physician, but some VA facilities apparently hire contrary to the law.

Long Wait Times

One of the most concerning aspects of the VA system is the long wait times experienced by veterans that are in need of care. New patients often report needing to wait several weeks before they can be seen. Hospitals and medical facilities are chronically understaffed, making it nearly impossible to provide patients with swift and effective care. Ill patients may suffer while waiting to be seen.

Any veteran that has been misdiagnosed, suffered an injury stemming from a surgery, or otherwise sustained an injury while being treated by the VA should consult with a medical malpractice attorney. Our veterans deserve better than subpar doctors and long wait times. Protect your legal rights by speaking with a medical malpractice attorney in your area today.

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