Minimally Invasive Podiatric Surgery Malpractice Lawyer Manhattan | New York City | NYCAt one time podiatrists popularized a technique of podiatric surgery called MIS or “minimally invasive surgery.”

This is technique went far afield from mainstream teaching. It involved NO fixation like pins or screw; no hospital operating rooms, no incisions, no scars and promised no disability. It was advertised to women who were told they would have no scars and get their problem fixed and their feet would look better and they would take no time off from work (in or out of the home).

The technique involves tiny holes made in the skin through which a small drill would go and grind away bone and soft tissue. The podiatrist could not see what was being cut. It was done through feel and general knowledge as to what was below the skin. Bone were allowed to move until they heals in whatever position they landed. Some results were fine. Other results were disastrous. Many podiatrists who did this lost their licenses. Some are still practicing.

And many of these podiatrist still practicing did not go through a surgical training program.

How can you avoid this? Ask these questions:

  1. Did you do a surgical residency training program (not a preceptorship)?
  2. If I am not going to have scars, how will you be able to see what you are cutting?
  3. Are you going through small “stab” incisions into my foot?
  4. Are you going to use a pin (bunion and hammertoe) or a screw for fixation (bunion)?
  5. Do you consider the surgery you propose “minimally invasive surgery” or “open surgery”?

You should never agree to this kind of surgery without speaking to other podiatrists and getting a second opinion, or two.