Patient Sues Podiatrist for Malpractice After Foot Surgery Gone Wrong

What are some common foot surgery errors that lead to malpractice cases?

A foot surgery patient in Cook County, Illinois has filed a malpractice action against his podiatrist, claiming the physician chose the wrong course of treatment and left the patient with ongoing pain and mobility problems.  The patient is seeking more than $50,000 in damages for his injuries.  As the case continues to work its way through the legal system, podiatric patients are encouraged to research some of the most common foot surgery errors that can lead to injuries and potentially malpractice claims before they go under the knife.

Facts of the Case

In this Chicago case, the complaint filed alleges that the defendant podiatrist implanted replacement joints in both of the patient’s feet to alleviate flat-foot pain.  Seven years after the surgery, the patient had to have the implants removed because they had loosened and become painful.  However, the podiatrist allegedly failed to replace the implants with another mechanism that would stabilize the patient’s foot and ankle.  This left the patient with considerable pain and limited mobility.  Now, the plaintiff claims that joint replacement, as initially performed, is not advised for degenerative disease, which is the cause of the patient’s original pain.

The case raises several critical issues as to the appropriate course of treatment for the plaintiff’s particular foot problems.  The court considering the claim will need to closely review the standards for treatment of degenerative foot disease.  It is likely both side will seek to introduce expert testimony in support of their positions.

Foot Surgery Errors

Feet problems can be both painful and crippling.  A serious foot issue may prevent you from conducting daily living tasks and meeting the demands of your job.  While foot surgery is often performed in a podiatrist’s office, it is nonetheless a critical and demanding surgical procedure.  Most podiatrists provide quality medical care that will have you back on your feet in no time, but at times grave errors are made before, during, and after surgery that can have lasting negative effects.

Potential surgical errors a podiatrist could make include:

  • Misdiagnosing your foot condition
  • Improper treatment
  • Operating on the wrong foot
  • Using improper surgical technique
  • Performing unnecessary surgery

Question your podiatrist fully about any proposed surgical plan and obtain a second opinion whenever possible. Contact a podiatric malpractice attorney as soon as possible if you suspect you are a victim of medical malpractice.

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