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Podiatrist Errors in New York City

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I have taken a special interest in podiatry malpractice cases. And have handled hundreds over my career. I have been a regular lecturer to the Podiatric Residents at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center’s Podiatric Residency Program and have lectured to podiatry residents at the New York V.A. Hospital system. I have had the privilege to be an operating room observer for the common foot surgeries including bunions, hammertoes and heel spurs. These experiences have provided a unique way to learn how surgery is correctly performed.

Many lawyers who are not familiar with podiatry cases either consult with me on behalf of their client or ask me to handle the case as outside or trial counsel.

Podiatric malpractice is a negligence by a podiatrist. In legal terms, it is a deviation from accepted podiatric standards of care. In addition, to prove a case in Court, it also needs to be established that the “deviation” was causally related to the injury.

Podiatric malpractice lawsuits commonly involve:

Some important things to know about PODIATRY and SURGERY: