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Poor Post-Operative Care after Podiatric Surgery

Podiatry malpractice claims frequently focus on substandard surgical outcomes due to poor post-operative care. If you feel that you have been mistreated in terms of post-surgical podiatric care, this blog is for you. 

Lawrence M. Karam, PC, has a strong record of success in podiatry malpractice, having won substantial damages for many podiatry patients whose suffering resulted from inferior post-surgical care. 

You deserve compensation for all that you have been through and may continue to experience. Contact Attorney Karam for skilled legal representation that will give you an edge in winning your case. He has fine credentials, a well-earned reputation for caring advocacy, and spends 100 percent of his working hours in litigating podiatry malpractice. 

The Dangers of Poor Post-Operative Care After Podiatric Surgery

Even if your podiatrist has been fine with routine care and performed your foot surgery satisfactorily, if he or she does not provide high-quality postoperative care, you may be able to sue for podiatry malpractice. Never mind that your podiatrist made a proper diagnosis and performed the surgery as expected. If your doctor mishandled your case during the healing process, a great deal may have gone wrong.

Some of the complications listed below occur only rarely. Nonetheless, if you suffer one of them, statistical probabilities will likely take a back seat to your problem with:

  • Postsurgical neuropathic pain
  • Impaired mobility
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Prolonged swelling 
  • Improper bone fusion
  • Thick or sensitive scarring of the incision
  • Negative side effects of medications (e.g. hives, excessive bleeding, or bruising) 
  • Hematoma, a painful collection of blood at the operation site
  • Long-term irritation or pain from surgical screws, wires, or plates 
  • Local or systemic infection that may travel from the skin to the bone
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), blood clots in the leg veins
  • Pulmonary Embolism (PE), blood clots in the lungs
  • Avascular necrosis (death of bone tissue) 
  • Chronic regional pain syndrome

Not all difficulties that arise after foot surgery are the fault of poor podiatric aftercare, but the way your doctor follows up with you after the operation can make all the difference in how serious the situation becomes. Most postsurgical problems can be nipped in the bud if caught early. In some cases, an alert podiatrist’s reaction can mean the difference between a temporary delay in healing and a prolonged recovery or permanent deformity. In some extreme cases, timely podiatric intervention can mean the difference between life and death.

Examples of Poor Post-Operative Care After Podiatric Surgery

The duty of care your podiatrist owes you continues well after the surgical procedure is complete. Your doctor is responsible for monitoring your recovery from anesthesia, providing you with sufficient analgesic medication to keep you comfortable, and taking steps to prevent complications. If any complications do arise, your podiatrist is obligated to deal with them promptly and according to the protocol, a reasonable physician would follow. 

This means that you may be able to sue for podiatric malpractice if your doctor has made any of the following serious mistakes:

  • Failed to monitor you closely after surgery by checking your vital signs, resulting in damage, e.g. to your lung or heart
  • Failed to get your informed consent for unanticipated procedures or medications that resulted in harm
  • Failed to recognize or treat a post-surgical infection, allowing it to worsen and/or become systemic, possibly leading to sepsis
  • Failed to take notice of allergies or side effects in your medical history, thereby precipitating an adverse or dangerous reaction to prescribed medication
  • Failed to diagnose the cause of unexpected symptoms by administering imaging or blood tests
  • Failed to advise early mobilization after the operation to prevent your range of motion from remaining restricted

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