The Most Common Types of Medical Malpractice

What are the grounds for a viable medical malpractice lawsuit?

Most doctors will spend between 12 and 15 years earning their medical license, depending on the type of medicine practiced. While the many hours of medical school should result in a competent physician, no amount of education can eliminate the reality that doctors make mistakes. Doctors are often asked to work long hours and handle immensely stressful situations. Unfortunately, thousands of patients each year become the victim of malpractice at the hands of their physician. Our New York City medical malpractice lawyers explore the most common types of medical malpractice to occur nationwide below.

Surgical Errors

Surgery involves high stakes and skillful hands. There are several errors that can occur on the surgical table, all of which can have serious consequences for the patient. Some types of surgical errors include anesthesia errors, leaving instruments inside the body, operating on the wrong location, and failing to follow proper standards for sterilization. Should any of these grave errors happen during surgery, the injured patient may have a viable medical malpractice action.


Prompt treatment is critical to a patient’s full recovery, and before treatment can be offered, a physician must properly diagnosis the illness or injury. At times, a physician will misdiagnose a patient, or offer no diagnosis at all, resulting in a delay of treatment. For certain conditions, a misdiagnosis can lead to the serious illness or death of the patient. Should a physician misdiagnose a patient where another physician given the same symptoms would have offered the correct diagnosis, this could lead to a medical malpractice claim.

Medication Errors

Prescription medications can save lives when prescribed and dosed correctly, but they can also cause patient deaths or injuries if they are prescribed or filled incorrectly. Millions of people are injured due to medication errors each year. Medication errors can happen when a physician prescribes the wrong medication or a medication that interacts with something a patient already takes. It can also occur should the physician prescribe the wrong dose. Additionally, pharmacists can commit malpractice if they incorrectly fill a prescription and injury results to the patient.

Anyone who has suffered an injury at the hands of a physician will want to consult with a medical malpractice attorney right away. Medical malpractice is a complex issue and at times patients will have trouble recognizing whether they have a valid malpractice action. Your lawyer will review the circumstances surrounding your potential claim to provide you with an accurate understanding of your legal rights.

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