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Is it Worth Filing a Claim for Bunion Surgery Complications?

Bunions are a common problem for which bunion surgery (bunionectomy) may seem to be the perfect solution. Too often, however, patients who have the procedure experience painful, disfiguring, or even disabling complications as a result of podiatry malpractice. This content will examine whether it is worth the time investment to file a podiatry malpractice claim […]

  • Posted on: May 31 2022
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The Most Common Podiatric Injury Lawsuits

Lawrence M. Karam, PC of Podiatry Malpractice Lawyers of New York, fights hard to win compensation for patients who have suffered personal injury at the hands of negligent podiatrists. In most instances, such podiatric injury lawsuits involve surgical procedures and postoperative care. If you have been a victim of podiatric malpractice, contact our Manhattan office […]

  • Posted on: Apr 28 2022
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Anesthesia Errors in Podiatric Surgery

In podiatric surgery, as in other types of surgical procedures, anesthesia complications can arise. While some of these complications are easily taken care of, others can result in death or catastrophic injury. Although certain anesthesia complications are unpredictable and unavoidable, some are due to the podiatrist’s negligence. Those in the latter category may constitute podiatry […]

  • Posted on: Mar 18 2022
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Poor Post-Operative Care after Podiatric Surgery

Podiatry malpractice claims frequently focus on substandard surgical outcomes due to poor post-operative care. If you feel that you have been mistreated in terms of post-surgical podiatric care, this blog is for you.  Lawrence M. Karam, PC, has a strong record of success in podiatry malpractice, having won substantial damages for many podiatry patients whose […]

  • Posted on: Feb 28 2022
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Should I Be Wary if my Podiatrist Recommends Cosmetic or “Cinderella” Surgery?

There are a number of reasons to be suspicious of a podiatrist who recommends “Cinderella surgery” (or other purely cosmetic surgery) for your feet. While a small percentage of all surgeries go awry, when there was no health-related reason to operate, serious medical mistakes are all the more unforgivable, particularly if such surgery was the […]

  • Posted on: Jan 26 2022
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Did your podiatrist fail to get your informed consent for a procedure?

Your podiatrist, like all doctors, is required to get your informed consent before performing any procedure on your feet or ankles. If your podiatrist failed in this fundamental duty of care and you are suffering pain and/or restricted mobility as a result, you may well be a victim of podiatry malpractice. To find out whether […]

  • Posted on: Jan 24 2022
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Don’t Ignore Possible Signs of Podiatric Malpractice

It is always a good idea to be an educated consumer, though with medical care it is impossible to learn all the necessary terms, conditions, and treatments without going through the requisite years of education and onsite training.  Still, our podiatry malpractice attorney, Lawrence M. Karam recommends that you remember to use your common sense […]

  • Posted on: Dec 31 2021
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My Bunion Surgery Was a Disaster. Can I file a malpractice claim?

Bunions are extremely common, estimated to occur in nearly a third of the population. Many of those affected choose to have a surgical repair of the problem due to ongoing pain, mobility issues, difficulty getting shoes that fit properly, and dissatisfaction with the appearance of their feet. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that bunion […]

  • Posted on: Nov 6 2021
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What damages can I win as a victim of podiatry malpractice?

It is hard enough to suffer the physical and emotional consequences of podiatry malpractice without having to cope with its financial repercussions. Dealing with physical pain and emotional trauma requires resources you may not have. That’s why it’s important to consult with an experienced podiatry malpractice attorney to understand how a successful lawsuit will provide […]

  • Posted on: Oct 20 2021
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Has your podiatrist misdiagnosed the cause of your neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a disturbing condition that podiatrists often treat, but if your podiatrist assumes that your neuropathy is the result of a simple nerve injury due to a fall, a car accident, or repetitive stress, in some cases this assumption may be a sign of negligence.  If your podiatrist failed to refer you to a […]

  • Posted on: Oct 13 2021
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