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Podiatric Malpractice Cases Increase during Recent Decades

Why has there been an increase in podiatric malpractice cases in recent years? There has been a dramatic increase in the number of podiatric malpractice cases in the past 25 years. There are several reasons for this increase in litigation, including the rise in financial prosperity and the educational advancement of a large portion of […]

  • Posted on: Dec 21 2016
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New Jersey Podiatrist Has License Suspended

What are the grounds for a podiatric malpractice lawsuit? We expect podiatrists and other medical professionals to adhere the highest ethical standards and to fulfill the first obligation of the Hippocratic Oath: first, do no harm. When doctors fail to adhere to these standards, they may be guilty of medical negligence. At times, a doctor’s […]

  • Posted on: Oct 19 2016
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The Complications Heel Spur Surgery

What can I do if a doctor made a mistake while operating on my heel? Many have heard of the ailment “heel spur” but don’t really know what it is. A bone spur in the heel develops when the ligament in the arch of the foot, the plantar fascia, is stretched causing significant pain. There […]

  • Posted on: Sep 26 2016
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Complications of Hammertoe Surgery

How common are complications of hammertoe surgery? While hammertoe surgery is ordinarily not regarded as one of the more complex foot surgeries, this digital arthroplasty procedure is often not as simple as it first appears, either for the patient or the doctor. Though it is typically the first operation surgical residents perform during training, a […]

  • Posted on: Sep 7 2016
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Podiatric Misdiagnosis of Gout

What are some of the misconceptions about gout and why is it often misdiagnosed? Gout has long been a misunderstood, and often misdiagnosed, condition. Though for centuries the disorder was believed to be a disease of the wealthy and overindulgent, in actuality it is no such thing. The majority of people who develop gout do […]

  • Posted on: Mar 31 2016
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The New York Times asks “Is Surgery the only Treatment for Bunions”

The New York Times, September 2, 2014, Science Times, page D4, reports on bunions and poses the question “Is surgery the only treatment for bunions?”  The brief article reminds us that bunions are caused by a number of factors including genetic (which makes the feet more susceptible to bunion formation due to their formation and […]

  • Posted on: Sep 5 2014
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A New Study on the Definition of Bunion Deformity

In the March/April 2014 edition of The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Volume 53, Number 2, (, several podiatrists in Iowa published an articled called “Clarification of the Anatomic Definition of the Bunion Deformity.”  Most patients encounter only the word “bunion” when they see their podiatrist.  Most think that bunion is a bony bump […]

  • Posted on: Jun 25 2014
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Running Barefoot or Not? – Podiatry Today News

An interesting article in Podiatry Today  (Vol. 27, Issue 6 – June 2014) (see “”) tells us that many claims made by advocates for running barefoot are not supported by scientific studies.  

  • Posted on: Jun 16 2014
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“Please March in Place” – More Podiatry News for June 2014

You might have wondered why your podiatrist has you stand barefoot and walk back and forth or even march in place.  One reason is that she is looking to measure certain relationships in how your feet are positioned in relation to each other.  And how you stand while having a foot x-ray taken is also […]

  • Posted on: Jun 12 2014
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