Foot Surgery and Podiatric Malpractice

What surgical complications might give rise to a podiatric malpractice case?

The wellbeing of our feet is central to our health and happiness.  After all, our feet carry us from place to place.  When our feet are in pain or otherwise injured, we need to take swift action to get better.  Many feet and ankle problems can be fixed through conservative treatment, but others will require surgery.  One of the main jobs of podiatrists is to perform foot surgery.  Podiatrists are doctors trained specifically to treat and perform surgery on conditions involving the toes, feet, and ankles.  At times, despite their years of training, a podiatrist will make an error that gives rise to injuries or illness.  Our NYC podiatric malpractice lawyers discuss the most common causes of surgical related podiatric malpractice below.

Foot Surgical Errors 

Podiatrists can sometimes make grave mistakes when treating foot problems.  When it comes to surgical errors, potential mistakes that could lead to a podiatric malpractice lawsuit may include: misdiagnosing your foot condition; recommending unnecessary surgery; using an improper surgical technique; operating on the wrong foot; or improperly performing the surgery itself.  Other negligent acts might include a lack of follow up care or the failure to treat infections that arise.

The feet are delicate parts of the body with many small bones.  Common surgeries like hammertoe surgery, heel spur surgery, and bunion surgery can be botched by improper or overly aggressive procedures.  A negligent surgeon can leave a patient with foot deformities that might impact their ability to walk or necessitate follow up procedures.  

All surgical patients should be closely monitored after the surgery.  Some patients are at a heightened risk of infection, including diabetic patients.  Failure to monitor and treat any signs of infection in at-risk patients could potentially lead to life threatening complications or even loss of the foot.

Compensation for Your Foot Surgery Complications 

Should you suffer an injury or illness as the result of foot surgery, you could potentially be able to seek compensation from the podiatrist who performed your surgery.  Podiatric malpractice cases are complex and will require the assistance of an experienced podiatric malpractice attorney who will closely review the facts surrounding your treatment. 

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