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Tooth Loss Caused by Dental Malpractice

What causes the loss of adult teeth?

Our adult teeth are intended to last a lifetime and never fall out, but unfortunately, statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that only 48 percent of adults had a full set of permanent teeth.  There are several possible causes of adult tooth loss, including gum disease, tooth decay, and trauma.  Sadly, the negligent actions of a dentist can also lead to tooth loss.  Our New York dental malpractice lawyers discuss some of the causes of dental malpractice and tooth loss below. 

Failure to Diagnose Oral Disease or Oral Cancer  

When you go to the dentist for an evaluation of your tooth health and a cleaning, you rightly expect for the dentist to inspect your mouth for signs of oral disease or cancer.  If detected, the dentist should either recommend a treatment, other testing, or refer you elsewhere for further treatment.  

If you endure tooth loss due to oral disease or cancer, you may have a viable dental malpractice claim against the physician who failed to diagnose your condition.  The question will become whether another dentist would have recognized the signs of oral disease and recommended treatment. Your dental malpractice lawyer will assist you in reviewing the care, or lack thereof, provided by your dentist to determine whether it rose to the level of negligence. 

Bad Oral Surgery 

Sometimes, patients will go in for a root canal or placement of a crown or bridges, only to later lose a tooth due to the negligent surgery.  Root canals are usually pushed as a way to save a failing tooth, but sadly they sometimes instead lead to tooth loss.  Root canals that are botched by the treating dentist can lead to infection and, in turn, tooth loss.  Further, bad crowns or bridges can open food trap spaces or cause infection, potentially leading to tooth loss.  If you have lost an adult tooth after oral surgery, consult with a dental malpractice lawyer to determine whether you may have lost the tooth due to dental malpractice.  


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