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Holding New York City Dentists Accountable for Their Work

New York Dental Malpractice Attorney | ManhattanWe use our mouths for almost every activity. From conversation to mealtime, we rely on a healthy jaw to effectively get us through the day. This means any problems with our mouth can negatively impact most of the day. If these problems were overlooked or caused by your dentist, it is important to hold that person accountable.

When you contact me, Lance Ehrenberg, Esq., that is exactly what I will do. I have 35 years of experience working with individuals who were injured because negligent dentists caused the following problems:

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms and are the victim of a dentists mistake, an experienced Manhattan dental negligence attorney can help you receive the compensation you need. To discuss your situation with an experienced New York dental malpractice lawyer, contact me online or call 212-730-0200 extension 242 to schedule your free initial consultation.