Unnecessary Teeth Extractions

Is it necessary to extract wisdom teeth that do not come in?

In the United States and elsewhere across the country, dentists are needlessly extracting teeth for financial gains and as a result of medical negligence.  A report issued in the UK found that dentists are often recommending extraction because they will receive the same flat fee from the NHS whether they extract or treat a tooth.  Since extractions are quicker, dentists are electing to extract to maximize their financial gain.  American dentists may extract healthy teeth as a result of an incorrect diagnosis.  Dental patients everywhere should be on the alert for potential dental malpractice.

 Pulling Instead of Saving Teeth

At times, patients will go to the dentist with tooth pain or an inflamed tooth, only to be told they need the tooth extracted.  Patients that seek a second opinion may be shocked to uncover that the tooth is entirely salvageable through proper treatment.  Those who lose the tooth and never consult with someone else may now find themselves needing a permanent bridge or even dentures, depending on how many teeth were lost.

Dentists that pull a tooth as the result of medical negligence could potentially be legally liable if you suffer injuries as a result of the procedure.  Extraction related injuries may nerve damage and jaw fractures.  At times, complications can result from the unnecessary extraction.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Chances are you or someone you know has had their wisdom teeth extracted.  It is extremely common for wisdom teeth to fail to come in.  For a long time, dentists would recommend extracting the teeth.  Now, evidence is emerging that wisdom tooth extraction may be largely unnecessary and potentially even dangerous.

Thousands of people that have wisdom tooth extraction surgery each year will suffer from permanent paresthesia, which can involve numbness of the check, tongue, and lip as a result of nerve damage occurring during the surgery. Also, a negligent extraction of a lower wisdom tooth can result in a fractured jaw, leading to surgery and a possible need for orthodonture to then correct the bite. As such, dental patients should carefully consider whether it is in their best interest to have their wisdom teeth removed.  Patients that suffer from complications as a result of any tooth extraction surgery should consult with dental extraction malpractice lawyer as soon as possible.

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