When Summer Foot Problems Send You to an Overly Eager Podiatrist

In the summer months, when your feet are generally more exposed and therefore more subject to injury and the risks of the natural world, you may have cause to consult with a podiatrist. Unfortunately, such consultations, if you’re not forewarned, may lead you into a questionable course of treatment or even unnecessary surgery

While most podiatrists are well-trained and highly ethical, there are always a few bad apples who are more concerned with their own best interests than your well-being. If you have suffered personal harm at the hands of a podiatrist, Lawrence M. Karam, PC, one of two lead attorneys at Dental & Podiatry Malpractice Lawyers of New York, is here to help. Lawrence Karam has decades of successful experience holding podiatrists accountable for their acts of negligence and will fight hard to ensure that your rights are protected.

Common Summer Foot Problems in New York

The warmth of summer leads most of us to wear less protective footwear as well as lighter clothing. Sandals, thongs, swimming shoes, and even bare feet are common summer sights, not only at the beach or poolside. With less covering, our feet are subject to more injury from sharp objects, slippery or contaminated surfaces, burns from the sun or hot pavement, and insect bites.

The following summer foot problems may lead you into a podiatrist’s office, but don’t make the mistake of consulting with a doctor whose credentials are sketchy or who is not recommended by another physician or a person you know well: 

Sunburned feet

New York feet can be especially susceptible to sunburn, even on people with dark skin, since they have spent long cold months enclosed in shoes. Often, individuals who are careful to apply sunscreen elsewhere may forget to put a protective coating on their feet, reminded only by the painful redness, blisters, or peeling that occurs after a day of swimming, surf fishing, or sunbathing.

Foot Injuries

In addition to the possibility that we may come into contact with sharp pebbles or glass, having our feet more exposed puts them in danger of being cut, bitten, scratched, stung, or knocked into. Many people also suffer strains, sprains, or fractures after playing sports with unsupportive (or nonexistent) footwear.

Swollen feet

The heat of summer warms our bodies up, making them sweat and often — especially when it comes to our extremities — swell. Of course, swollen feet can also indicate more serious problems, so it is a good idea to check this problem out if it does not resolve after swimming or a cool foot bath.

Cracked heels

Though we tend to think of dry, cracked heels as a cold-weather issue, feet that spend a great deal of time without socks or shoes are prone to dry, callous, and crack.

Foot Infections

In addition to the fungal infections that thrive in changing rooms at public swimming pools and beaches, other infections due to insect or sea creature bites, blisters, and rashes caused by toxic plants like poison ivy, may easily infect. Without prompt care, these infections can get out of hand quickly, and even become systemic and threatening to general health.

Any of the above foot problems may be, depending on severity, a good reason to make an appointment with a podiatrist. Just make sure the professional you get in touch with is well-respected. Going to a podiatrist whose ad you saw on the bus may be asking for trouble.

Most of the time, the above-mentioned summer foot problems can be handled with simple measures — ointments or creams, oral medications, bandages, or casts.

If the podiatrist you consult with says that you have severe pronation (feet that lean inward due to weak arches), a bunion that should be removed, or a hammertoe that requires correction, don’t be quickly persuaded that you need further treatment or surgery. Any suggestions about problems you were unaware of when you came in should be thoroughly investigated with at least one other doctor.

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