Older man with dental nerve pain.

When Your Dentist Damages a Dental Nerve

Because many dental procedures result in discomfort that lingers for hours, days, or even weeks afterwards, patients are often not certain whether the pain or other symptoms they experience after a dental visit is routine or unexpected. As a matter of fact, it may be the result of dental malpractice. There are a number of dental procedures that can, if the dentist is careless or incompetent, result in temporary or permanent tooth nerve damage. If you have suffered dental malpractice in the greater New York area, the skilled attorneys of Dental & Podiatry Malpractice of New York are eager to help you obtain the compensation your deserve.

Why You Need an Experienced Dental Malpractice Attorney on the Case

As you’re no doubt aware, having a professional who specializes in your particular problem makes a successful outcome more likely whether you’re dealing with a construction project, a financial matter, or a creative endeavor. This is equally true in cases of malpractice, which is why an attorney who is laser-focused on dental malpractice is the one you should call if you have suffered dental trauma at the hands of your dentist. 

The Nerve Most Often Affected by Dental Malpractice

Because of its proximity to the jaw and mouth, the trigeminal nerve is typically the nerve damaged by negligent dentists. This nerve is an extremely important one since it is the one responsible for facial sensation as well as chewing and biting. Damage of the trigeminal nerve may result in:

  • Numbness or tingling of the face, lips and tongue
  • Difficulty eating, loss of taste
  • Episodes of shooting pain similar to electrical shock in response to chewing, speaking, eating or drinking, tooth brushing, smiling, touching or washing the face, shaving
  • Pain in the cheek, jaw, teeth, gums, lips, or (less often) in the eye and forehead
  • Burning sensation in any of the previously mentioned areas

As you can see, the symptoms of damage to the trigeminal nerve can be terribly intrusive, even if temporary. If they remain ongoing or persist permanently they will negatively impact your entire life.

How Your Dentist Can Cause Nerve Damage 

Dental negligence during a common procedure like a drilling and filling a cavity or extracting a tooth may be sufficient to cause a dental patient severe difficulty. In most cases this occurs if the tooth to be filled or extracted is located near the trigeminal nerve and the dentist is not sufficiently careful to avoid it.

What will it cost to look into the matter?

Absolutely nothing. If you contact a reputable dental negligence attorney like Lance Ehrenberg, Esq., not only will your initial consultation be free, but you will not be charged any attorneys’ fees until he has won your case. Therefore, there is no downside to checking into the situation to see whether filing a lawsuit against your dentist is likely to bring the desired results.

Factors that Affect Whether the Court Awards You Damages and How Much 

No two cases are exactly alike and you should remember that not all dental nerve damage is due to dental negligence. How much you may be awarded as a settlement will be determined by the particular circumstances of your case regarding:

  • Severity of the nerve damage
  • Prognosis in terms of possible recovery
  • How much the symptoms of nerve damage affect your daily life

Depending on how convincingly your dental malpractice lawyer can argue your case, present pertinent medical evidence, and call on reliable expert witnesses, you may be able to receive the compensation you’re entitled to for:

  • Further medical and dental care
  • Loss of income if you’ve been unable to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Don’t Suffer in Silence — Take Action!

If you believe that your dentist’s carelessness or ineptitude has resulted in your serious symptoms, you may well have a viable case of dental malpractice. If so, it is essential that you connect with an aggressive dental malpractice attorney who will help you fight for the damages that are rightfully yours.