Any injury to the gums can be painful and troublesome, but when that injury is caused by a dentist you trusted with your dental care, it may constitute dental malpractice. Lance Ehrenberg, Esq., has spent decades defending the rights of victims of dental negligence. He has an impressive record of successful outcomes, both through agile negotiations and positive verdicts. Committed and compassionate, he offers legal representation, charging no attorney’s fees until he brings you just compensation.

How Gum Injuries Occur

Gum injuries can result from various dental procedures, often due to the improper or careless use of tools or equipment. Here’s a breakdown of how gum injuries can occur in various dental contexts:

During Manual Examination

During a manual examination, a dentist may accidentally poke or scrape the gums with dental instruments, leading to cuts or bruises. Even a minor cut into the gum can provide an opening for infection.

During Dental Cleaning

Aggressive or careless dental cleaning techniques can cause gum injuries, including cuts, bruises, or abrasion of gum tissue.

During Tooth Extraction

Extraction procedures require precise manipulation of dental tools. Any slip or miscalculation can result in damage to the gums, such as lacerations, bruising, or even destabilization of an adjoining tooth.

During Root Canal

During a root canal procedure, instruments used to access and clean the root canal can inadvertently injure the surrounding gum tissue, leading to pain and potential complications.

During Dental Surgery

Complex dental surgeries, such as gum grafting, carry a risk of gum injury if not performed with precision and care.

During Implants

Procedures like dental implant placement, generally safe when performed by knowledgeable professionals, can lead to gum injuries if proper protocols are not followed.

Consequences of Gum Injury

Though some small gum injuries are likely to heal by themselves, others may have severe consequences, such as: 

  • Deep Cuts and Bruises
    Gum injuries may manifest as cuts, bruises, or abrasions, causing pain, bleeding, swelling, discomfort, and difficulty eating or speaking.
  • Infections (Local and Systemic)
    If not properly treated, gum injuries can become infected, leading to localized inflammation or systemic complications that affect multiple regions of the body, such as sepsis.
  • Lost Teeth
    Severe gum injuries may result in the loss of a tooth if the supporting structures are compromised. For medical or aesthetic reasons, such a tooth may have to be replaced with a false tooth or an implant.
  • Surgery
    In some cases, gum injuries may require surgical intervention to repair the damage and restore oral health.

Gum injuries due to any of the above causes may require treatment that is costly, time-consuming, and painful, and may result in permanent damage. That’s why it is important to have your case evaluated as soon as possible.

How Lance Ehrenberg Proves Dental Malpractice

To establish a case of dental malpractice, Lance must gather evidence to show that your dentist breached the accepted standard of dental care, resulting in harm. This typically involves reviewing medical records, obtaining expert opinions, and presenting compelling arguments during negotiations or in court.

To prove dental negligence in the state of New York four elements must be established:

  1. Duty of care (i.e. that there was, in fact, a doctor-patient relationship between you and your dentist)
  2. Breach of the accepted standard of dental care
  3. Causation of harm to the patient as a direct result of the breach of duty 
  4. Quantifiable damages (e.g. medical costs or loss of income) as a result of that harm

What May Strengthen Your Claim 

In some cases, your dentist’s negligence may be further demonstrated by the fact that they [1] failed to take your full medical history [2] neglected to pay attention to your pre-existing condition, [3] did not get your informed consent for the procedure [4] did not sterilize equipment properly or [5] failed to diagnose and treat the injury and/or infection promptly.

Legal Services Lance Ehrenberg Will Provide

If you come to Lance Ehrenberg with a potential claim of dental negligence, he will immediately 

evaluate your case. Once he has determined that you have a viable malpractice claim, he will:

  • Gather and examine all dental and medical evidence
  • Interview any witnesses
  • Determine the value of your claim 
  • Negotiate a fair settlement
  • Litigate your case if necessary to recover maximum damages

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